Welcome to www.phrasewise.com

Phrasewise is a technical business consultancy. We build agile, pragmatic technology solutions to eliminate the business problems you face. Sometimes that means building web applications, sometimes desktop applications, sometimes combinations. We've been building internet and network applications since we started (back in the 80's) We don't discriminate between the choices of how to solve your problem. Working closely with you, we determine what technology (or none!) solves your problem in the most simple, agile, pragmatic way, and then we implement that with your insight. That, in a nutshell, is what we do.

"No one's having more fun!" has been a theme around here for a long time. We are involved in a lot of exciting projects, helping people craft elegant solutions to the challenges of business and life. We try really hard to enjoy our work, we feel that we work much better that way. Everyone wins!

Unlike so many other consulting companies, we refuse to specialize. We feel that breadth of knowledge is an overlooked quality, and we bring breadth as well as depth to our clients.

There is a saying "To a hammer, all the world is a nail." It is exactly that sort of thinking that we avoid. If you need networking, media services, intranet, and internet problems solved, why not talk to people who do it all?

Contact us at: "daniel at phrasewise.com"